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Sleep Apnea
Featuring Addie Juniper & Psymon Jerusalem

Addie visits Dr. Jerusalem at the sleep clinic to try to treat her sleep apnea driven insomnia. Dr. Jerusalem invites her to try to take a nap in his office - a much more economical mini-sleep study, he will observe her REM eye movements if she's successful in falling asleep.

Addie tries to make herself comfortable on the short couch & closes her eyes. Psymon sneaks in with a soaked white cloth to help her pass out. Addie panics & struggles before sucumbing to the chloroform.

Dr. Jerusalem takes his time, knowing that noone will disturb him and his limp plaything. He rolls Addie's head back and forth, making sure she's completely out. He checks her eyes, lifts her arms and drops them before exposing her breasts and playing with her limp legs.

Addie begins to stir. She protests weakly, eyes wide as Psymon knocks her out again. He plays more with her limp legs and feet before dragging her to the ground. He cradles her limply in his arms, enjoying himself until she stirs again. She must really have trouble sleeping. He manipulates her face and eyes before laying her out on the ground. It's time to get to the point if she's going to keep waking up so easily.

He's managed to get her panties off before he has to knock her out AGAIN! Now for some real fun. He spreads her limp legs and enters her. Her limp legs flopping around as he thrusts. Finished, he returns her to the couch and allows her to wake-up.

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4X Chloroform KOs, Limp Play, Medical Clinic, Eye Checks Simu-Sex Rape Sleep Fetish

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The X-Ray Clinic
Featuring Danielle Trixie & Ray Andrews

Danielle's university refers her to a sketchy clinic for her manadatory tuberculosis test. She finds the clinic, but apparently the X-Ray machine is broken. Luckily Ray Andrews has improvised his own testing metrics and equipment . . .

Ray chloroforms Danielle as she sits in the empty waiting room on the beat up couch. He uses his homemade stethoscope to listen to her frightened heartbeat slow as she passes out. He begins his hands on examination of the patient, paying particular attention to her large natural boobs. He checks her eys and plays with her limp limbs, rolling her head back and forth. He repositions her long, limp, body on the couch & is sitting behind her when she begins to come to. He chloforms her again, still molesting her large tits.

Ray has time to examine her dirty bare soles before he has to chloroform her a third time. He plays with his limp doll some more before removing her shirt, listening to her heartbeat with his fashioned stethescope pressed up against her bare chest. He's obsessed with her boobs. He takes notes before removing her panties. It's almost 5pm, he has an appointment to get to. He presses the rag up against her face to make sure she's completely out. He cradle carries her over to the wall, sitting her up against it before he leaves.

Danielle comes to, confused and terrified by the fake medical equipment, the stethoscope made of headphones, her nudity.

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3X Chloroform KOs, Limp Play, Medical Clinic, Eye Checks Dirty Feet Sleep Fetish

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Carpal Tunnel
Featuring Dixie Comet & Nate Liquor

Dixie visits the specialist who has been treating her carpal tunnel. He is very disappointed to see that she isn't wearing her brace. He's further annoyed when it becomes evident that Dixie hasn't even glanced at the physical therapy exercises he sent home with her last time. He offers Dixie Cortizone - a bandaid solution.

Dixie protests when he indicates that he wants to inject it into her butt, but quickly gives in and lifts her skirt for him. She sits back on the couch and begins to feel odd, complaining of blurred vision. She becomes loopy as the drug takes hold and her eyes cross before she passes out.

Dr. Liquor has his suspicions as to how Dixie developed her carpal tunnel, but first he gets to work examining his patient's limp body. He unbuttons her blouse and finds matching, whore, underwear. He pulls her panties off and pokes at her asshole before plunging his fingers into her pussy. He begins to rub her limp hand over the crotch of his pants & Dixie slowly, groggily, begins to come to. He injects her in the neck before she becomes conscious of the situation. Then he works on her exercises with her - using her limp hands to stroke his cock. He pumps into her limp palms, eventually cumming on her lips and tits.

Finished, he shakes Dixie awake, explaining that she had a strange reaction to the Cortizone shot. Dixie looks down at the cum on her tits & he explains that she had a seisure. Dixie agrees to make an appointment for the following week and then stumbles to the bathroom to clean herself up.

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Limp Play, Handjob, Limp Fetish, Medical Clinic Sleep Fetish 2X Medical KOs

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Formula #9
Featuring Star Nine

Star painstakingly works on a new formula in the lab - when she adds the final component the vial releases a noxious green gas that makes her pass out. Her assistant finds her lying on the floor & tries to revive her, partially removing her clothes and checking her vitals. He discovers what she was working on & sees his opportunity for profit. He picks up her limp body in a shoulder carry and places her on a chair. She comes to and he questions her about what she was working on, waving the formula in her face, rendering her unconscious again. He photographs her limp body before absconding with the formula, posing her as if she fell asleep reading.

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Limp Fetish, Lift & Carry, Shoulder Carry, Limp Play Eye Check 2 Medical KOs

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The Doctor's Lucky Day Part 2
Featuring Star Nine & Tim Woodman

Star is in Dr. Woodman's office for her follow up allergy test appointment. Dr. Woodman is going to perform a scratch test with samples of various allergens. On the fourth sample Star gets woozy and collapses.

Dr Woodman strips and molests her. He removes some calipers and begins to measure his limp patients body. When he's done he collects a sample of her hair.

Worrying about time, he reassembles Star & pricks her back awake.

He tells her that the allergy is probably nothing & to just use the cream Dr. Woods prescribed. He's ready to let her go, but she brings up the lidocain issue, saying that she hasn't felt right since that first visit.

Dr. Woodman had almost forgot, he explains that the liver tests would be very expensive and her insurance wouldn't cover them. He offers to try some experimental procedures instead, if she'd come in after office hours.

She falls for it. She comes in again, he has her all to himself. He puts her on an iv drip, varying her dose as he has the time and privacy to play with her - licking her nipples, using her limp hand to rub her pussy.

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Limp Fetish, IV Drip, Sample Collecting, Limp Play Molestation 2 Medical KOs

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