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Gassed In The Asylum
Featuring Dixie Comet & Star Nine

Dixe doesn't know where she is. She pulls on the bars, kicks the wall, calls out for attention. Eventually the nurse comes in to examine her. She ignores Dixie's questions, tells her she will have to take them up with the Doctor. Dixie is uncooperative, the Nurse leaves.

A slow acting gas comes out of the cieling and knocks her out. The Nurse returns to continue her examination now that the patient is more . . .. compliant. She strips Dixie's limp body of clothing, then breaks our her tools to test Dixie's reflexes - a pointless task with her patient unconcious. She goes down her checklist, bringing out a magnifying glass to check the patient's body for any anomalies.

Later, Dixie regains conciousness, further upset and confused by her predicament. The Nurse returns, looking to test some other reflexes, she tries using a strong vibrator on the patient, and notes that she is very uncooperative. Frustrated, the Nurse stands and throws her arms up in the air at the security camera. The Doctor's voice comes on over the loudspeaker and instructs her to sedate the patient. The Nurse produces a syringe and jabs it into Dixie's ass, rendering her unconscious.

The Doctor enters with some thick leather straps. He helps the Nurse restrain the limp patient, then instructs her to proceed with the test. The Nurse uses the vibrator on Dixie's limp body. Taunting her patient as she begins to wake up - she must be having a nice dream. Dixie stirs more, fluttering her eyes and moaning. She doesn't remember what has been happening to her until after she cums. She strains against the belts as the Nurse leaves the room. Once the Nurse has left, Dixie manages to partially struggle out of her binds before being gassed again.

The Nurse returns, thanking Dixie for doing her job for her in removing the straps. The Nurse is surprised when gas begins to flow from the ceiling, she questions the security camera before beginning to choke and pass out.

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Limp Fetish, Gassing, Limp Play, KO By Sedative Eyecheck 4 Knockouts

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Hotel Doctor
Featuring Star Nine & Levi

Star has had a bit too much to drink at the hotel bar. Levi observes her drunkenly stumbling to her room and decides to have a little fun. He knocks on her door claiming to be the hotel doctor - there's been some concern that someone may have slipped something in her drink. Not to worry, he has an injection that will counteract the effects of the drug. He begins to play with his limp victim. He runs his hands over her soft skin and enjoys her scent. He checks her heart rate to make sure she is in a deep sleep.

Star wakes up, confused. Levi explains that she has been drugged at the bar, she feels woozie doesn't she? He instructs her to close her eyes and prepares a chloroform rag. Her eyes flutter white and she is out again. He strips her down to her bra & panties. She wakes up, still very confused. He tells her a different story this time, she answered the door in her underwear, he's been trying to take her vitals but she keeps passing out . . .

He chloroforms the drunk girl again pretending that it will help her. Finally he has her totally nude, he inspects her body, holding her limply up to him. He flips her over, he worries that he will run out of time to smell all of her. Star comes to, much more upset now that she notices her nudity. Levi exits, explaining that a female nurse will be coming to check on her shortly.

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Limp Fetish, Medical Clinic, Limp Play, Medical Fetish Medical Exam 3 Knockouts (1 injection & 2 chloros)

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Accepting New Patients
Featuring Natali Demore & Star Nine

Star's husband calls her from his doctor's appointment. His doctor is accepting new patients & Star has been looking for a family doctor for forever. She has him make an appointment for her. When she gets to the doctor's office, the doctor, Natali Demore, aggressively asks her some odd personal & family history medical questions. She then decides to perform a full physical. Pretending to take a blood sample, Natali injects Star with an anesthetic. After Star loses consciousness, Natali takes her time thoroughly examining the competition - she can't understand why Star's husband has been ignoring her advances. After examining Star's body inside & out, Natali decides to go through her purse and finds a couple of items of interest. She uses Star's make-up to take out her aggression, writing on Star's face & body, pointing out her "fuck holes". Natali is especially interested to find a bottle of Xanax, after Star said she had no history of mental health issues. When Star comes to, Natali accuses her of having a psychotic episode and threatens to hand her over to psychiatric care.

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Limp Fetish, Medical Clinic, Medical Gyno, Medical Fetish Medical Exam Speculum

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The Monster Under The Bed
Featuring Jacquelyn Velvets & SleeperKid

Jacquelyn has being seeing her psychiatrist about her irrational fear of monsters for quite some time. She is frustrated with the methodology they have been using and hasn't been able to sleep for two weeks.

Sleeperkid suggests that if she sign some consent forms they could try working on the issue where the problem occurs - in her home.

They start in her bedroom, where the problem occurs the most, with some role play. Sleeperkid plays the monster for Jacquelyn to confront. She thinks the first try is easy, but on the second, he introduces chloroform.

His pretty patient rendered unconscious, SK removes her shoes & top while indulging in some limp play. He leaves her to hide, so that she can seek out the monster when she comes to.

Jacquelyn wakes up, wondering if it was a dream. Confused by her missing clothing she calls out for her doctor, wonders whether she is going crazy, whether he was ever really there. She wanders toward the camera, looking for him. He attacks from a corner, chloroforming her again. He lifts her unconscious body in a shoulder carry, taking her back to the bed and removing her skirt. He spoons her, asks if she thinks the therapy is working. He plays with her limp body. She awakes with him behind her, stripped down to her bra & thong. She is woozy, her head hurts. He creeps up behind her and puts her in a sleeper hold. Her eyes flutter shut.

SK positions her limp body in bed, she looks so peaceful, so relaxed. He soaks her shirt with chloroform and wakes her up, only to immediately knock her out again. He tucks her in. He hides the evidence and knocks on her door, pretending that he has just arrived. Jacquelyn says she must have passed out, she had such crazy dreams . . . SK reschedules for next week, as it would be unprofessional to start the session so late.

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Limp Fetish, Lift & Carry, Hand Over Mouth, Medical Fetish Sleeper Hold Chloro X3

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